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Computer Controlled High Speed Copy Warping Machine(CH21-30CNC)

The introduction of Computer Controlled High Speed Copy Warping Machine(CH21-30CNC):

The main motor is controlled by a frequency converter,stable and reliable digital pulse closed loop relying PLC instruction to ensure a constant speed of fast,slow,reverse and winding retreat.

The bracket movement of the beam is controlled by pneumatic,mechanical positioning,accurate and reliable which guarantees the warp beam stable when loading and unloading.The position of beam is accuracy controlled by photoelectric sensor and the PLC automatically,which select the different position according to beam’s diameter.
The tailstock is equipped with center fixing shaft head which is controlled by pneumatic.The advanced electric scaling valve brings out the locking pressure suitable for different warping beams according to the PLC order.So the damage which is caused by shaft head to warp beam will be dropped to the minimum.
The main brake uses pneumatic disc brakes.The PLC monitors the beam’s perimeter and speed,with middle unoccupied has good dissipating heat.On the other hand,the using of brake pincer and the hoofed piece makes the butterfly brake stable and long last.
For matching the main brake,the positive roller and the speeding roller brings out different stopping voltage according to different speeds,so the tension to yarn when barking is as the same as on constant speed.
The positive roller device is equipped with two rollers with high hardness worn resistant coating.The smoother surface improves the absorption to the yarn.The power of the up roller is from Japan Mitsubishi high speed servo system which adopts high-precision vector control system with PLC matched with the main winding system.Compensated by the speed and other effects produced by the tension fluctuation,the yarn tension is balanced agreement.
The special copy function guarantees the data of every beam are the same in the same group ,like the circle number,meters and diameter.This function avoids that the yarn quantity is not unique caused by different diameters,which can reduce the waste of yarn.

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