Warping Machine
    • Spandex Warping Machine(CH21-30CNC-E)

 Spandex Warping Machine(CH21-30CNC-E)

Adopt five German synchronous servo motor, ensure the final draft, intermediate draft, precision of the pre-draft, eliminate traditional mechanical wear, noise and other issues.
Using Anchuan program controller and color touch screen, main control technology, etc, not only improve the control precision but also increase the safety and reliability of system.
Using imported laser ranging device, real-time monitor of the winding diameter to ensure the final draft precise constant.
We have a complete security protection system of outage, phase failure and losing of gas.
Advanced bobbin pressure compensation system, automatically adjust the compensation of bobbin to maintain the bobbin constant pressure.
Various and different specification of spandex yarn tube compensation function is to ensure high precision copy.
High power static elimination and high quality camscan monitor device guarantee a high quality and less operating warping.

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