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Split Yarn Warping Machine(CH21/30CNC-F)

This machine combines the splitting with warping function, it can directly wind the master yarn to beams to supply to warp knitting machine, weaving machine and other textile machinery. The suitable materials are nylon and polyester raw yarn.
The main motor is controlled by a frequency converter, The constant and reliable digital pulse close ring, which is controlled by the PLC, guarantees the stable speed of winding and storing yarn.
The bracket movement of beam is pneumatic controlled, automatically fix the position to keep accurate and reliable. Main brake adopt pneumatic brake.
According to the different speed, the brakes of tension roller and speed roller can give the different brake voltage to match the main beam brake to keep the yarn tension at brake time same with that at constant speed.
All electrical parts use international band parts, all the faults and wrong operation can be shown on the touch screen. Pneumatic components are from YSC--South Korea, Soft air medium is issued by PLC giving the accurate order to complete various action.
The tension roller is covered by rubber coat. It has a good dynamic balance performance, which guarantees a stable press yarn under the condition of high speed. And the particular frequency controlled system keep the yarn tension accurate and constant.

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