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High Precision And Speed Copy Warping Machine(CH50-42DNC )

The main motor is controlled by a frequency converter, stable and reliable digital loop pulse closed relying PLC instruction to ensure a constant speed of fast, slow, reverse and winding retreat.
The bracket movement of the beam is controlled by pneumatic, mechanical positioning, accurate  and reliable.
The tailstock is controlled by pneumatic, the tailstock for this model of machine is different from previous models. In order to have a convenient operation for the operator and consider individually controlled on both sides, since the beam is too long, we make independently controlled switch on both side to avoid when shaft head of the shaft is just in the operator’s eye blind area and the independently left and right retractable clamp beam is greatly enhanced the safety and convenience of action.
The main brake uses pneumatic disc brakes. Compared to the past brake ways for the smaller beam warping machine, the difference of the brake for this model is that we use two disc brake pads each separately in the left and right. As the increased inertia produced by the large beam characteristics in the high speed running the machine can be effectively stopped immediately once received a stop command from the computer by using 2 disc brake pads each left and right. Since the combined effect by the four disc brake pads, reduced the disc brake wear, and increased the braking force. Eventually it makes the broken yarn parked outside of the beam within a very short period of time so that reduced the defects of the cloth produced by the broken yarn.
The unique feature for this model of warping machine is that it can warp with length of 21" double beams simultaneously, which can achieve the same time to get double the production efficiency. Therefore, it is greatly saved the manpower and other various resources. From raw material point of view to consider, it can reduce the waste of more raw materials by warping with double beam simultaneously. As some warp knitting machines are two beams with one axis. Even  if the big beam deviations occurred during the warping, it will not affect the warp knitting machine for the normal pacing of warp, because the number of the errors beams occurred during the warping is even number which is just  for one axis.
The herringbone reed of this model adopts unique and innovative design concept to make past two layers merged into one height, thus reducing the overall height of the machine and easy to operate. Moreover, the just right designed herringbone reed not only can work separately and independently, but also be merged into one for a length of 50" beam work. Meanwhile, there are operations console on left and right side of the machine which are more convenient for users to adjust the position of the yarn for two beams separately during the warping.

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