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    • High Precision And Speed Warping Machine(CH63-50CNC )

 High Precision And Speed Warping Machine(CH63-50CNC )

The main motor is controlled by converter. The constant and reliable digital pulse close ring,which is controlled by the PLC,guarantees the stable speed of winding and storing yarn.
The bracket movement of beam is pneumatic controlled, pnotoelectric sensor and the PLC automatically fix the position to keep accurate and reliable.
The tail bracket is pneumatic controlled from both ends, this is quite different from the old ones’ in order to an easier operation, the independent switches at ends are particularly designed to avoid operator’s blind spot due ti the long beam when the shaft head fixes to the shaft, meanwhile, clamping beam from both sides makes a safer and more convenient operation.
The main brake adopts pneumatic disc brake, this model is not same with those small-size beam models do, each side equips with two brake, under the condition of speed movement, the special inertia force of big-size beam increases a lot, using the total 4 brakes help stop immediately when computer gives the order, and due to the combined effect of four brakes, reduces the brake’s wear, increases the braking force, and eventually lets the broken yarn out of the beam so that decreased the defects of fabrics caused by the broken yarn.
Only the model have the function of tension detection, through the tension effect pressure transducer when yarns be warped, and computer’s data operation obtain single yarn’s real-time tension. The precise real-time tension be clear at a glance. Tension can be changed according different raw material, cloth cover’s gram weight and the other indexes be reached the standard.
The herringbone reed uses the unique innovated design idea , merge the two-layer height of former main reed to be one-layer, lower height of the whole machine, to be more easier of handling.

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