Single Needle-bar Warp knitting machine
  • Single Needle-bar Warp knitting machine(SGE2318TL-260)
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    • Single Needle-bar Warp knitting machine(SGE2318TL-260)

Single Needle-bar Warp knitting machine(SGE2318TL-260)

Machine Type:SGE2318TL
Nominal Width: 260”(6640mm)
Driving off: Opened cam
Worling Needle: Latch needle
Needle Gauge: E6
Knock-overbar: E6
Yarn guide needle: Pipe needle
Number of guide bar: 4sets
Yarn let-off device: Negative yarn let-off system, 4beam shaft
Support beam size: 17 inch or 21 inch, customer should extra buy
Fabric batching decice: 2 Rollers with friction drive
Main motor: Frequency convertor controlled,5.5KW
Pattern drive: Chain blocks or pattern disc(only one type)
Machine speed: 200-450RPM
Machine size(L*W*H): 8200*1700*2500(mm)
Machine weight: about 11 Tons
The spare parts for 1 year
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