Double Needle Bar Warp Knitting Machine
  • Double Needle Warp Knitting Machine(TJ5 )
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    • Double Needle Warp Knitting Machine(TJ5 )

Stitch forming
Two needle bars with separately inserted latch needles,two knock-over bars,two sinker bars(can be open completely),five guide bars(four ground bars,are one pile bar)Ground bar are equipped with guide units and separating units;pile bar has its own guide units and relative separating units;sinker bars have sinker units and two steel wires to anti closure of latch needles,the distance between two knock over bars can be aligned from 16 to 60mm(10-30mm)
Super structure
To accommodate 5 rows of warp beams for ground guide bars,and one pile bar,with 5 beam carrier shafts of 152mm diameter
Yarn feeding devices
Yarn feeding units controlled by change wheel gears with two driven delivery rollers.EBA let-off also possible as needed Take-up device is composed of four-roller system with one driving gear box(EBA can be optional too)
Electrical unit
With three-phase alternating-current supply,and frequency conversion and infinite speed change.
Power supply:380 volts, 50Hz.
Main driving motor capacity:5.5kw,and 1.1kw motor for batching(frequency converter is made by Mitsubishi,Japan.)
All button use elements of Schneider.

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