KS High Speed Warp Knitting Machine
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    • TKS Type High-Speed Warp Knitting Machine

Wide work width,other machine gauges will be provided as required.
Guide bar/stitch forming parts:
Needle bar with Independently inserted compound needle,tongue bar,compound sinker,two ground guide bar(one pile bar),beam stand for 2(3)sets let off system equipped with 30" beams.
Touch screen/operation interface-terminal
Single-speed motion control system is used to control basic functions
Optional: yarn laser scanning auto-stop device
Warp let-off device:
Every set of yarn let-off device is controlled by EBA system
Fabric take-up device:
4-roller take-up is controlled By EWA system,maximum width reaches 218"
Winding device:
Winding controlled by the same one motion control as EWA
Pattern device:
N-type pattern device is composed of 2-3 pattern discs,and motion change toothed wheels
Electronic equipment:
Speed control main motor,power-off protection,slow-speed transmission function,total capacity of machine
Oil supply:
Heating device,through air circulating heat exchange device to cool down,pressure lubrication feeding and oil spray,equipped with anti-dirty alarm filter.
Water processing heat exchange device to replace air heat exchange device to replace air heat exchange device.

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