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Jacquard Raschel Warp Knitting Machine(XSJ88/1F)

Main Program Parameter
Working width:134"
Bar Number:84 Patter Bars,2 Spandex Bar,1 Jacquard Bar,1 Ground Bar
Speed:650rpm(speed refers to single yarn diameter s groove needle spacing shogging amount less the 8mm for once,not including special raw material,creel let off manner)
Ground Bar,Spandex Bar,Jacquard Bar Shogging Manner:Electronic shogging
Let-off Manner:4 Set Of EBC Electronic Let-off
Pattern Bar Let-off Manner:Creel Let-off
Draw-off Manner:Electronic Draw-off
Take-up Manner:Electronic Uniform Take-up
Shogging Amount:170mm
Pattern Needle:Steel Unfixed Needle
Beams:Ground Bar Ф21"、Ф30",Jacquard and Spandex Ф21"
Main Power:5.5KW

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